New Floresta is a 100 acre development consisting of 236 single family homes located in Boca Raton, Florida.  The community has two lakes approximately 5 acres each.  Construction in New Floresta began in November 1980 followed by a Grand Opening in Febuary 1981.  New Floresta has been modeled to reflect the Mediterranean heritage brought to Boca Raton by Addison Mizner.  It duplicates the original Mizner designs while offering others that reflect contemporary Mediterranean and French Renaissance influences.  Homes vary from one to two story and each is unique.  Covenants and restrictions have been established to insure that New Floresta will remain one of the premier communities of Boca Raton.


Smart Sprinkling Installed in New Floresta

New Floresta has contracted services with Sustainable Sprinkler and installed a smart sprinkler system giving us a location specific sprinkling solution based on past rainfall data, sensor data, and future weather forecast data.  This will provide us an optimized sprinkling schedule to conserve water. Landscape watering consumes more than half of urban water usage.  Water …


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