Helpful Information

Architectural Review Board (ARB) – ARB approval is required for all exterior changes including but not limited to roofs, landscaping, tree removal, driveways, remodeling, and house painting. Click here to submit an ARB request.

Assessments – Assessments are billed quarterly by the management company. Assessments more than 15 days overdue will be subject to a late fee.

Association Board – The board is made up of seven elected members that serve two year terms.

Cable Television – The Association purchases bulk services from Comcast Cable. Premium channels and additional services may be purchased by contacting Comcast Cable directly.

Covenants – In order to maintain the beauty and appeal of New Floresta, a set of covenants have been established and are enforced.

Crime Watch – New Floresta has a neighborhood Crime Watch. Help stop crime, report any suspicious activity to the Boca Raton Police at 368-6201. If an emergency, dial 911.

Dogs – Dogs must to be on a leash at all times and owners must clean up after their pets. Allowing your dog to cause a noise disturbance by barking is considered a nuisance.

Fences – No fence may be erected without ARB approval. Only ARB approved fence types are allowed. Chain link fences will not be approved.

Garage Sales – Garage sales are not permitted in New Floresta.

Garbage Collection – Garbage is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays unless a holiday occurs during the week. Recycling is collected on Fridays. Garbage shall be placed in the swale for collection NO EARLIER than 7 p.m. on the day prior to collection and shall be removed within 12 hours following collection.

Mailboxes – It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair their mailbox. Only ARB approved mailboxes are permitted. For parts and repairs, contact Beautiful Mailbox Company at 954-792-6245.

Parking – Vehicles may only be parked in garages and on driveways. Parking vehicles on paved streets and blocking sidewalks with a parked vehicle are City traffic violations. No commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer or boat of any kind may be parked on a property except in a garage.

Property Management – The Association contracts property management services.

Sidewalks – It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair their sidewalks. Contact Boca Raton Streets Division of the Municipal Services Department at 416-3386 for repair information.

Signs – Homeowners are not permitted to display any signs except during the period of an “Open House”.

Speed Limit – The speed limit throughout New Floresta is 25 mph. Many small children live in New Floresta making it important that you and your guests obey the speed limit.

Street Lights – Street lights are maintained by Florida Power & Light (FPL). To report a light out, call FPL at 1-800-4OUTAGE.

Trash Containers – Trash cans and recycle bins must be stored in the garage or out of view in an enclosed area.

Trees – No tree may be removed from a homeowner’s property without prior ARB approval.

Yard Waste – Bagged & unbundled vegetative waste is collected on Fridays. All unbundled vegetative waste shall be placed for collection in the swale at the paved edge of the right-of-way NO EARLIER than Thursday. When you hire someone to work on your property (e.g., gardeners, lawn service, roof repair, tree removal and trimmings, building renovations, carpet replacement. etc) the waste generated from that work is to be removed by your private landscape company or contractor, NOT placed out for collection by the City. Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that the person who performs the work obtains the necessary permits and REMOVES the waste from your property.